I have some sushi recommendation but basically, need reservations. I’ll call to some depending on your budget.

How much is your budget?


The following options are basic prices for Sushi.

  1. Over 30,000 yen: Very famous one. It might be difficult to make a reservation for short notice. Basically, they allow us to make a reservation one month before your visit and many people try to get the reservation.
  2. About 5,000 yen: All you can eat style of a reasonable grade.
  3. About15,000 – 25,000 yen: Most of the awesome sushi restaurant offer OMAKASE course by the prices.
  4. Under 3,000 yen: Rounded one.

In TSUKIJI market: You can eat basically cheaper price than Sushi restaurant but have to stand for more than a couple of hours for some popular Sushi bars.


Reservations for Jiro.

I’ve frequently asked about Jiro Ginza. It is super difficult to make a reservation. They don’t seem to take reservation with our phone call. Only fixture and some hotel concierge know how to make a reservation now.

However, a shop managed by his son, which is Jiro Roppongi, is easier to visit. We can call them one month in advance. So, head me up when it comes to the day of one month before your visit. I can make a reservation instead of you.


Some of my recommendation for Choice B

Sushi Harumi (Ginza)

Japanese information page

My favorite Sushi restaurant! The appetizer comes from Michelin star Japanese restaurant because it produces the Sushi restaurant. It’s a reasonable price but awesome quality! It seems to explain in English.

OMAKASE course: 10,000 yen


Sushi Kyubay (Ginza)

One of the famous Sushi restaurants that have some branches in hotels. The quality is rigid. Prime minister Abe invited the previous president Obama to this restaurant.

OMAKASE course: 15,000 yen


If you want to ask me to make a reservation

One thing, I would like you to go to the restaurant definitely on time because I will make the reservation with my name and I won’t do that anymore for future guests if you don’t show up without any notice. I’m happy to support you if you keep the promise to me. I appreciate your understanding.


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