For the 1st Time Tokyo Travelers

About Transportation

Train map

Tokyo train system is super convenient but quite complex. Make sure you have some train apps or train maps. My recommendations are below.

    1. Google map
    2. (can look up your route in English. Very simple and easy app for Tokyo trains.)
    3. NAVITIME for Japan Travel (an Advance version of above)

JR Railway pass or Suica?

If you plan to travel to many places in Japan, the JR Railway pass is more beneficial, but if you are only traveling inside of Tokyo, Suica is good enough. Suica (or any other train cards) is very convenient. You pay 500yen as deposit and charge anytime. You can get around 300yen back from the deposit when you don’t need it anymore. You can also pay for food and drinks via this card at every convenience store. Most Japanese people use them.

You can purchase a new Suica card with a ticket machine of stations.

You can get a special card for travelers without the deposit at airports.


One-day free pass

I recommend using one-day free pass if you are going to get on trains more than five times in a day for sightseeing in Tokyo.

Last train

The last train is usually 0:30am and the 1st train is around 5:00am.

For Kita-akabane station, the last train is 0:08 am from Shinjuku and the 1st train is 5:13 am.

It might be changed sometimes and on weekend.

This has the time table for Kita-Akabane station in Japanese. You can double check the time even in Japanese.


Taxi is easy to get anywhere, but expensive (easily more than 1,000yen for 15min). UBER is also available in Tokyo.


If you go around in Yoyogi-Harajuku-Shibuya area, the following bus is convenient.

You can get on most of buses with Suica but it’s more complicated than train. You can look for some ways to get somewhere else with the same apps as for trains. A tiny blue bus called “Hachiko Bus” goes around Yoyogi-Harajuku-Shibuya area. It may be interesting to try it when you are tired of using train. Refer to “Jinguno Mori Route”

Temporary Storage

There are coin lockers at almost every station. Also the following is the convenient temporary luggage storage areas near the apt.

  1. Temporary Luggage Service (Shinjuku, Tokyo, Asakusa) :

General Tips

Free wifi

There are not many places with free wifi. You can utilize NTT Free Wifi Plan too.

Also, a convenience store offers free wifi.

Seven Eleven


Family Mart


Shop Open Time

Many places even coffee shops and bakery open later than other countries like US. On the other hand, many izakaya, bars and restaurants open until quite late like midnight to 3:00am – 4:00am.

Where to withdraw JPY

Seven-Eleven convenience stores (24 hrs open) are the easiest places to withdraw JPY using your International CC. (Other convenience stores ATM don’t accept International CC).


LINE is the most used communication app than Skype, whatsup, viber etc.

JP Adapter

The Japanese adapter is type A like below.

Other Useful Information

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