AKABANE, which is in the north of Tokyo, has been a key area for transportation since early times. People gather, small factories stand, and tons of IZAKAYA (Japanese type of bar) open here. IZAKAYA in AKABANE is really unique, reasonable, and energetic. Interestingly, some of IZAKAYA open very early for midnight workers like taxi drivers or housewives to buy evening food. It is worth trying as I bet that you have never experienced them other than in AKABANE. I will introduce some of them whenever I go with our Airbnb guests. 


This is a standing bar specialized for ODEN, which is Japanese type of stew. Basically, you have wait to jump with other thirty customers in front of you. But, don’t worry. This bar has a rule that you can drink only three grass of alcohol so that you can start eating about 30 mins.


When you come to the counter, you can order whatever you want from the big stew pot. You don’t have to worry about the name as Japanese also cannot say the correct name regarding some of them because they are really unique. Choose some with your inspiration.


I recommend drinking Japanese SAKE with the ODEN because they are made in the north of Tokyo, which is also unique here. Go back to counter after drinking three quarters, which is 50 ml left. Master put ODEN soap and pepper in your glass with 100 yen. This is the most popular drink here.


Let’s go there!

How I like: ★★★★★


I manage Airbnb in AKABANE area. I love drinking and eating with my guests. If you are interested in my listing, please contact me. Also, feel free to comment on me or future guests if you have something.

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